SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wow, it's been over 2 months since my last post here... In that time I've posted a few "notes" in Facebook rather than coming here to Blogger; although Facebook does import this blog of mine into facebook, it leaves each post untitled (it used to show the first sentence as the title, which was better!), so I've just posted there instead. So for those of you not on Facebook...

Eva is now 12 weeks old. She is a gorgeous little soul, and absolutely no trouble at all! She feeds well and sleeps extremely well - she started sleeping through around 2 weeks; now we average one or two 7 hour sleeps at night each week, and 5 hour sleeps the other nights. She gives us beautiful smiles and gorgeous coos. She is simply a gem!

Ariana is quite the little lady now, and she is such a cutie. Her vocabulary (in both languages) is continually expanding. We can generally understand what she wants (mostly Wiggles!!). The poor little mite isn't so well at the moment, but hopefully her fever will pass soon.

In the past week or so I've finally been able to get back into some sort of rhythm with doing work. My Sound Therapy business is picking up; considering how little time I spend on it, I think it's doing extremely well! I am also in the process of setting up my own web hosting business (as a reseller for the company I have been referring friends and clients to), and I will collaborate with some of Marcos' friends in Argentina to offer a variety of web development services. It will be fun to see how all that pans out. ;)

We now have a family website at - at the moment there is mostly info (photos, videos etc) about the girls... I've started a page there for myself but it's not finished yet, as I keep changing my mind about what to do with it! :P So for now my old SimDragon's Lair is still my primary personal site, but that will change when I finally decide how much of that old stuff to keep. Thoughts welcome. :)