SimDragon's Journal

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's my last day at home as a family of three - tomorrow night I will be in hospital, getting ready to deliver our second little girl by Caesarean on Tuesday morning.

In some respects it still doesn't feel real, despite the huge belly and all the discomforts that come in the final stages of pregnancy (I can't wait to be able to turn over in bed again!). I'm now 39 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks further on than I made it with Ariana. All in all, things seem to have gone a bit easier this time, and although I weigh more than I did when I gave birth to Ariana, I have put on a lot less weight this pregnancy, and my belly is actually smaller than it was with Ariana (we have a belly cast from my pregnancy with Ariana, and surprisingly there is room to spare!). So I'm anticipating everything should go smoothly on Tuesday.

We've been very busy getting everything as organised as possible at home prior to Eva's arrival. Marcos is wonderful - he has done so much work both inside and outside the house; I've done what I can, but my energy levels lately haven't allowed me to do all that much. Still, I've managed to get the majority of things done that I had wanted. I have a few things left to organise tomorrow (well, later today - it's 1:30 am so technically it's Monday already rather than still being Sunday night), such as finishing off some work and studies, but the house is ready at least!

I'm going to miss Ariana when I am in hospital. She is such a cutie! She is growing so fast, learning so much. She brings us so much joy - we really are blessed to have such a beautiful daughter, and I hope she adjusts well to being a big sister!

I'm still gradually building up my Sound Therapy business - last month has been by far the best in terms of sales! I need to build my own shopping cart, as what is in place at present is clunky, but at least it is still bringing in some sales. :) So at some stage in coming weeks / months I will be playing around with coding my own PHP shopping cart, which will be fun!

My brother-in-law Damian has recently started his own business too, a mobile dog wash service in Perth, K9 Hydrotherapy and Pet Care. So if you live in Perth and need someone to wash your dog, Damian is your man. :D

Well, I guess I better think about getting to bed soon...! My body has already adjusted to being awake at night, ready for feeds every 2 - 3 hours... *sigh*