SimDragon's Journal

Monday, February 18, 2008

One of Ariana's Wiggles' DVDs has a performance of "La cucharacha", which has a different final line to what Marcos knows. Since my knowledge of the lyrics was along the lines of "La cucharacha, la cucharacha, la la la la la la la...", I decided to do a quick search on google to see what the lyrics are, and the results were quite astonishing. :P The first 3 lines generally agree:

La cucharacha, la cucharacha (the cockroach, the cockroach)
Ya no puede camina (can't walk)
Porque no tiene, porque le falta (becuase it doesn't have, because it's missing)

But there is a huge amount of variety as to what the last line should be!

Marcos sings something along the lines of missing its legs, which makes sense.

The Wiggles sing "enchiladas que comer" (enchiladas to eat), which I thought was a bit odd, but apparently "limonada para tomar" (lemonade to drink) is a reasonably popular substitute. But the most common version, apparently is:

Marijuana para fumar (marijuana to smoke)...!!

No wonder the Wiggles sing about eating enchiladas. :P

I also discovered on the Wiggles a 2nd verse that I had never heard before:

Ya la murio la cucaracha (The cockroach just died)
Ya la lleven a enterrar (And they carried him off to bury him)
Entre cuatro zopilotes (Among four buzzards)
Y un raton de sacristan
(And the sexton's mouse)

I also came across references to La cucharacha being similar to Yankee Doodle and On Top of Old Smokey in terms of the variation of lyrics to the tune, which reminded me of my primary school days and the various versions of "Old Smokey" that we used to sing. "On Top of Spaghetti" was one, and the lyrics for that seem to agree around the world (from what I've seen in a Google search), but the version of "On Top of Old Smokey" involving the teacher that we (Penrhos College junior school girls in Perth, WA) sang was:

On top of Old Smokey
All covered in sand
I shot my poor teacher
With a green rubber band

I shot her with pleasure
I shot her with pride
I couldn't have missed her
She was forty feet wide

I went to her funeral
I went to her grave
Some people threw flowers
I threw a grenade

The coffin went up
The coffin went down
The coffin went splat
All over the ground

Cheery, eh?