SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year! We had a quiet start to the year, which I prefer, but Marcos misses how they bring in the new year in Argentina, with everyone letting off their own fireworks.

I'm all booked in for a Caesarean, on March 11th. Last time it was organised 2 days in advance, through necessity, so it's a little strange having a date for it so far in advance this time! March 11th makes it 10 days prior to Eva's estimated due date, whereas last time my Caesarean was 3 weeks early. On the whole I think things are going a bit better this time round - I didn't get gestational diabetes this time, which I did with Ariana, though I am anaemic right now, which was a bit of a surprise as I had been more careful about taking iron supplements this time. Oh well. While heartburn has been a bit of an issue, I think it was much worse at this point last year too, as were the leg cramps. I think it helps that I haven't put on nearly as much weight with this pregnancy!

Marcos' mum, Silvia, is staying with us at the moment, which has been great. Ariana has really taken to her - I'm a little worried that Ariana won't understand what is happening when Silvia has to return to Argentina at the end of this month. With 2 spanish speakers in the house now, Ariana is saying some new things in spanish - she's about 50 / 50 with english to spanish words that she says now - she gets to pick which words are easier (eg sí instead of yes, but ta and thank you instead of gracias).

I've been in a big catch-up mode lately (it helps having Silvia here!); as well as doing a lot more work, I've finally caught up with answering ALL my letters in the first time in years (I'm about to tackle my email next!), and I have finally started selling things on ebay that have been sitting around waiting for me to put them on ebay for over a year. Marcos has been selling refurbished computers, and I have been selling a whole variety of things that I just haven't used / looked at in years (and in some cases I've been surprised at how much people are willing to pay for some things - I made a profit on some of the Bon Jovi memorabilia I sold!). My next bit of catching up will be to heavily update the various websites I maintain privately. ;)