SimDragon's Journal

Monday, December 24, 2007

It was the night before Christmas...

Well, it still is the night before Christmas. This is Marcos' and Ariana's first Christmas in Perth, and also Marcos' mum's first Christmas in Perth too, as she is currently visiting us for 6 weeks. Ariana is really thriving having another doting family member around the house (especially another person willing to walk endless laps around the house with her!). Ariana is walking extremely well now - she is quite capable of walking on her own, and does so quite a lot now, but she still loves nothing better than grabbing hold of someone's finger and leading them around the house!

Ariana finally has her first tooth! She may be ahead of the pack with walking, but she was VERY late with getting any teeth. She's now 13 months old and only has the one tooth, which came through a week ago!! She's not the slightest bit phased by it - we've been quite surprised at what she's been able to eat without teeth (she's made whole jelly babies disappear without any trouble...). She is also talking a LOT, and has quite a number of distinct words (and some phrases, like "big poo"!) but the lack of teeth does mean she can't quite pronounce some words properly (eg, queso, spanish for "cheese", comes out as "quedo").

I'm now 7 months pregnant; Eva (the name we've settled on for little little one) is developing really well and is due to be delivered by Caesarian on 11th March 2008. Unfortunately Marcos' mum is going to miss the birth by about 6 weeks, but with luck we'll make it over to Argentina with the 2 little ones later in 2008.

We're pretty much all settled in at home now - we managed to get just about everything done prior to Marcos' mum's arrival that we had intended, with the exception of patching up all the chips in the wall as we discovered the spare paint in the shed had all gone dry! One of these days we'll have to get some new paint made up... The guest room will become Eva's room when she is big enough to sleep in a cot. The garden is looking fabulous, and we have some great vegies growing.

I'm trying to get quite a bit of work done over Christmas - although UWA shuts down for a fortnight or so over the Christmas break, being casual means that I don't get paid if I observe the shut down!! There's plenty of work to do, at least. I have also been trying to make more of an effort to gradually add more information to my Sound Therapy Perth site. I'm also intending to update Ariana's website with photos from the past 2 months, and move the Rotaract websites over to a new ISP (and also majorly update my Rotaract club's website while I'm at it..!)

Well... no point rambling on any further! I hope anyone reading this during the festive season has a great Christmas / Yule / Litha / anything else that is being celebrated, and all the best for 2008.