SimDragon's Journal

Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been a little slack posting updates through Blogger, as I've just used Facebook's Notes to post my last few messages. So for anyone who reads this who isn't on Facebook, baby #2 ("little little one", now also known as Eva as we found out she is a girl) is due next March. We're very excited about having another little girl to terrorise Ruby the cat! ;)

Ariana is growing so fast - she turns 1 in a few days. We had a little birthday party for her yesterday, which turned out to be a very quiet affair indeed. With 5 people pulling out at the last minute, and more than 50% of the invitees declining in the first place, she only had her maternal grandparents, an aunt, uncle & cousin, and 2 of our friends help her celebrate. Fortunately she is too young to be disappointed by people not turning up to her party. Well, it was their loss. The weather was absolutely beautiful - a great day to be outdoors - and we had lots of lovely food.

I'm feeling a big down in general right now. I'm getting tired of putting a lot of effort into things, particularly on a volunteer basis or as a favour for others, and then having to spend even more time chasing up other people for things. Most of my day today has been spent chasing up why I am still waiting on a month of pay from my work at UWA, and trying to chase up what has happened to all the Santa suits for Dial-A-Santa, as it looks like those who said they would take them back to where they were being stored never did so. Well, at least it is my last year involved with Dial-A-Santa - since it's all been left to me this year, I imagine it won't happen next year, which will be a shame, as it is an invaluable service that has been running since 1981. But sadly, too many people are apathetic about... well, everything! It's a shame that it's not viable to turn it into a business rather than a volunteer service...