SimDragon's Journal

Friday, September 21, 2007

We've been without internet access at home for a week with having moved house, thanks to Telstra (who aren't our telecommunications service providers, but managed to help stuff up our access anyway)...

We settled and received the keys to our new home this time last week (Friday 14th Sept) and started moving some things in that day. Saturday was the big move, though we had to make a couple of trips back to the old rental to pick up the last of the things (like clothes etc) as we ran out of boxes and didn't feel it worth trying to track down more. We handed back the keys to our old home on Thursday, and although we are still surrounded by boxes and suitcases to unpack, this new place in Canning Vale is starting to feel more like home.

I had notified family & friends of our new phone number last week, as we had received a notification on Tuesday that the new phone line had been connected and that broadband was expected to be available for us on the Friday (ie the day we settled). Woo hoo! However, my sister phoned my mobile on Sunday to say that when she tried to call our home phone, she got a message saying "this number could not be connected". Eh? So I tried dialing out from our home phone... nothing. A half-hour phone call to iiNet (my ISP) later - of which I spent all except about 5 minutes on hold - and it was confirmed that our new phone line had been disconnected, without anybody telling us, but without any idea why.

I was on the phone to iiNet at least once a day after that trying to sort out what was happening. It appears that although the previous owners had moved out some weeks ago, they never bothered to get the phone disconnected. When our new connection went through, it disconnected their old one, but because they hadn't advised Telstra that they weren't using it, and Telstra were still able to bill for it, Telstra then reversed the new connection... *sigh* We were finally able to get a new new phone line (with yet another new number, which is not as easy to remember as the other one was *sigh*) on Tuesday, and finally got our broadband access back today, a full week later than expected.

With no internet access for a week, I now have a lot of email to catch up with! It's going to take quite some time to get on top of it, so if anyone is waiting for an answer from me, hang in there. :P I still have to devote most of my time to unpacking and getting settled in to our new home, and catching up with my work, so it may take quite a few weeks to get through it all...