SimDragon's Journal

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We've all been sick this past week - we finally succumbed to the bug that Amber and Tameka have had for a while. Ariana hasn't been sleeping well because of her blocked / runny nose, and we eventually had to get some antibiotics for her. I had a good 2 days of no energy at all, so again got very little done work-wise this week. I haven't got anything done at home either, so it's looked like a bit of a disaster area!

I started on a new SureSlim diet yesterday, which I was a little hesitant about, not because I want to do it (I do!) but because I didn't have the energy to spend as much time cooking & preparing food as is needed. I managed to survive yesterday, and even felt better for it energy-wise! I was wiped out today though, possibly because we spent a good 5 hours out house hunting... As seems to be usual with me, now that it's later in the evening, I'm feeling reasonably alert and have more energy, so I'm finally working my way through all the stuff that I've dumped on the dining table over the past week... yay!

House hunting was unsuccessful in that nothing we looked at today was terribly nice. Mum and dad came with us, which ended up being a good thing in that I think we finally got through to mum that we couldn't get a nice house in a nice suburb when our price limit was $420,000 for a 4 bedroom houe; since my parents don't want us to move any further south than Gosnells, the houses we looked at today were in Gosnells and Canning Vale. So the outcome of today's efforts was to up the price limit to $460,000, and I've got a new set of houses to check out tomorrow, in Thornlie, Gosnells and Huntingdale (unfortunately none of the slightly more expensive houses in Canning Vale had home opens listed, so they are on a reserve list if none of the houses tomorrow are any good either).

I'm still lacking enthusiasm for Rotaract and feeling more and more anti the idea of joining Rotary when I do leave Rotaract. The idea of what Rotary does is fantastic, and I certainly enjoy the international friendships that are possible through Rotaract and Rotary, but the more I interact with Rotarians, both locally and through fellowships, the more inclined I am to just keep well away as the politics that seems to abound is not something I want to be a part of anymore. Well, we'll see. Maybe a break would be good. Maybe I would miss it all and want to be involved again. Who knows?