SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We fell in love with a house on Sunday. We went back and had another look yesterday, and put an offer in. Everything was totally perfect, from the rooms, the layout, the storage, the gardens, even the street name and house number!

Unfortunately, some one else beat us to it, by a couple of hours. We found out tonight that we weren't successful, so the house hunting resumes... *sigh*

This whole house hunting business is extremely depressing. The nicest houses are getting snapped up straight away. There was another one that I would have been happy with - it had 2 offers by the end of Sunday. Another I phoned up about yesterday had an offer put in on Sunday as well... It's great for the sellers, obviously, but very disheartening for us, especially since we ought to be very attractive buyers since we don't have to sell a house first, and have pre-approval for the home loan.

Plus it's such a time intensive thing, scoping out possible houses, arranging times to see them, travelling all the way out to Thornlie / Huntingdale / Gosnells, going back, finding it's no longer available, and repeating the whole process again. It's consumed a great part of the last week, and I'm getting even further behind on everything else I need to do (including preparing 3 presentations for a conference next week... hmm....)

Hopefully somewhere out there is an even more perfect house for us... it's hard to imagine, but there must be some positive reason why we weren't able to get the house in Bluebell Court...