SimDragon's Journal

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not a lot of news right now. Life has been fairly quiet, though I turned 30 last weekend, which I guess is big! It doesn't feel so big because I didn't really do much for it - just had dinner with my immediate family - and consequently didn't receive much in the way of gifts, so it was more or less just another day. I just don't feel up to big parties right now - I feel so tired most of the time, trying to squeeze as much out of every day in terms of looking after Ariana and working and doing a lot for Rotaract etc. To be honest, I was happy to have the opportunity to relax and sleep a little that weekend!

Saw the latest Harry Potter movie tonight, as a fundraiser for my Rotaract Club. We took the little one along, and I was a little concerned she would fret a lot in the movie since she had been wide awake for *hours*, but as it turns out I think she enjoyed the opportunity to be with both of us for so many hours, and she loves being out and about, seeing new people, and she also loves watching things on TV / any sort of screen, so she was really good! She actually watched the first part of the movie, and only started getting a little grizzly as she was ultra-tired towards the end of the film, and she ended up falling asleep in Marcos' arms. She woke up when we got back to the car, and she was smiling and laughing all the way home! She really is a gem!

We've started house-hunting - for a rental that is bigger than where we are now so we can get everything out of storage and still have enough room left over for Marcos' mum to come stay with us for 6 weeks at the end of this year, and for Ariana to have room to play. I've looked at 2 places so far, and they've either been ultra-yuck or too small. So I'll keep looking... No rush just yet, but it would be good to have some idea by the end of this month so we can give appropriate notice to move out of our current place of residence.

Well, time to get some sleep, finally!