SimDragon's Journal

Friday, July 20, 2007

Marcos was very excited on the weekend, when we bought him a new bike. Nothing flash, but a decent sturdy bike that he was really happy with.

So imagine his extreme disappointment when he got home from work yesterday afternoon to find it was no longer in our backyard! He hadn't even had a chance to ride it, apart from a short ride home from the bike shop! 

The worrying thing is that our unit is the very back one, and to reach our backyard, the thief would have passed many other units, all with unsecured bikes also in the yards, which are all surrounded by reasonably high (about 6 foot) brick walls. It was the first day since we bought the bike that we have had both cars out of the carport (I was out for a short while on Monday, but walked, so my car was still in the carport)... which indicates to us that possibly one of our neighbours saw Marcos bring a shiny new bike home on Saturday, and as soon as it was pretty reasonable to assume that no one was home, they came and nabbed it.

What a low thing to do!

Of course, that is conjecture - we can't prove it. But it was pretty coincidental timing, and to have passed other bikes to reach ours (we can see our neighbour's bike through an adjoining wooden fence), plus they didn't take any of the computers lying out the back, seems to indicated it was targeted. It's not like someone can walk by on the street, see a bike lying unattended, and steal it. They had to walk down a laneway to the last house of 6 others, of which the contents of the yard are not visible until you go through the gate. The bike wasn't chained to anything, but it was under a tarpaulin.

After phoning the police and the insurance company, we will buy another new bike, as well as a chain and something to engrave it with, and we will keep in inside, at least until it is engraved - not that we really have room for it. Don't all dining rooms have bikes kept at the end of the table?? *sigh* We're just still in shock at how quick it was stolen!

I'm glad I haven't got my bike out of storage yet, or we might have had 2 bikes to replace...