SimDragon's Journal

Friday, July 06, 2007

I was highly amused to receive a call last week from some web design company in Bentley that I had never heard of before, who had found my Sound Therapy website and were offering to improve it for me - specifically offering search engine optimisation.



You might be thinking, I don't get it - what's so funny?

Well, you see, the site has already been optimised by one of the leading SEO / accessibility / usability gurus in Perth, namely moi. ;) And I'm not just blowing my own trumpet; I've been headhunted by a few different organisations because of my reputation. And  the fact that this other 
mob found my site also goes to show it's already doing  extremely well at being found. In fact, I received an email enquiry through my Sound Therapy site yesterday from someone in Queensland, who had heard Rafaele Joudry (the  founder of South Therapy 
International) speak, and was looking for Sound Therapy International's site, and instead found mine!! (She 
thought it was the Head Office's  site, and emailed to ask why there were no contacts in Queensland mentioned, only 
Perth... ;))

So you see, if this other company tried to "improve" my site, I'm quite certain they would only make it worse. ;) They obviously didn't take time to look at the source code of the site to see that it was done by someone who knows their stuff. Granted, my Sound Therapy Perth site isn't finished (it's about 3/4 there) and isn't the most polished looking site (yet!), so they may think I am a gullible person who could be taken in with their big words (they offered to meet with me to teach me what SEO involves *grin*)

I should have asked what they charged, out of interest. ;)

On an unrelated note -

Ariana is 7 1/2 months old now, and can finally sit on her own! She is a regular little chatterbox, and is now experimenting with different consonants. Although Marcos wants Ariana to call him Papi rather than Daddy, he is claiming that when she says dada she is referring to him, and he also claims her "blahblah" sounds are also an attempt to say "Papá". Hmmmm.