SimDragon's Journal

Friday, June 15, 2007

What a week!

One of my dreams came true this week, as I saw Sebastian Bach (former lead singer of Skid Row) live in concert, as he was one of the support acts for Guns N Roses, along with Rose Tattoo. Sebastian had never toured in Perth before, and since Skid Row broke up quite some time ago now, I didn't think I would ever get to see him perform. I am so glad that I did - he is awesome!! And he looks utterly gorgeous too!! And... he announced that he has a new album coming out soon. Woo hoo!!! Amber and I have a bit of buying to do!!

Amber bought the tickets, and decided to get seats rather than standing in the general admission. After Rose Tattoo had been on, and we saw how feel people had arrived by then (Guns N Roses didn't start until 11pm, though the concert itself started at 8:15 pm), and that it was possible to lean / sit on the barriers there, we really regretted not being right down the front to be able to see Sebastian up close, and to dance (well, jump!).

I only knew one Rose Tattoo song, but they were awesome too. Their albums would be worth looking up as well. And while I'm not a huge Guns N Roses fan (I primarily went to see Sebastian!) their show was really good too. We finally left at 1am.

That was last Sunday, and definitely the highlight of the week!!

Ariana has been quite unsettled this week... her teeth have been bothering her again, and they still haven't come through! I really feel for her. She is obviously in so much pain. She was very good today though - we were out a lot of the day, and she was very well behaved at both meetings we went to, and had some nice big sleeps when we got home. The excitement of seeing lots of people and new places is great for wearing her out!! She charmed everyone with her smiles and talking (quite a change from the first half of the week, with lots of grizzling and screaming), and we discovered that she likes pineapple, when I picked a piece up for morning tea, and she opened her mouth to try it... and didn't want to give it back!! She sucked on 2 pieces of pineapple, but didn't care for the watermelon she tried as well.  It's the first fruit she has tried that she hasn't screwed her face up about.

Last weekend was mostly relaxing - this weekend I have a lot of work to do.  Next week Marcos starts full time work at Murdoch Uni (rather than 4 days a week), so now we won't be able to do various bits of running around on Mondays anymore, which is a shame! Fortunately he has his Australian drivers license now so there is not so much that we need run around and organise right now. Things are slowly coming together - yay!