SimDragon's Journal

Monday, June 25, 2007

We've had a rather eventful weekend. Saturday was spent cooking and cleaning up  (which carried over to Sunday too), as we catered for the Rotaract Changeover brunch in the morning, and then had a couple of friends over for dinner that night. We hadn't intended for both to be on the same day - at the time we organised for our friends to come over, the Changeover was going to be held in July.  We had to change our plans for the Changeover at reasonably short notice due to the outgoing President moving to the Seychelles tomorrow (!)  Both went really well, with good food and great friends. ;)

Ariana didn't settle on Saturday night, which is unusual for her. I ended up phoning Health Direct around 11:30 pm for some advice, as it didn't seem to be from teething, as cuddling her didn't soothe her, but in fact seemed to make her scream even more. As well as being in obvious pain, she had a rash around her mouth, and we later discovered she was covered in a rash around her nappy area, and Marcos thought she looked like her arms were swelling, so we took her to the emergency department of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. I would have to have been a in a life threatening situation! When we got there, you had to check in with a Triage nurse who took all your details.. there was just the one nurse, who was talking to someone else, so we had to wait while they finished... so after waiting at least5 minutes we were finally able to explain what we had observed with Ariana... at which point we were sent to wait again... We spent a good 10 minutes watching the next receptionist doing everything except seeing us... after midnight we were finally interviewed by that person, who asked a lot of the same questions again and wanted to see our Medicare card. Then back to waiting... waiting...

After half an hour of sitting in the waiting room, we were taken through to the next room. The number of children on beds (with their parents waiting with them) with no one at all attending them was an indication of things to come... A nurse weighed Ariana and took her temperature (meanwhile the poor mite was screaming her head off). The nurse then took us to a cubicle and said a doctor would be with us soon.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

In the mean time, Ariana's symptoms had abated somewhat, and her screams turned to simple cries of tiredness. She eventually fell asleep in my arms.

At 1:45 am, after having been there for 2 hours, and seeing the person who had arrived immediately before us leave so time earlier but no sign of anyone coming to see us, we asked how much longer it was likely to be before we were seen. We were told that there were 3 more people in front of us, and that it was likely to be a good hour before we were seen by the doctor!! We figured there was little point in staying, since we couldn't show her symptoms, so we weren't likely to find out what the problem had been (we suspect she had an allergic reaction to something, possibly something she ate). So we gave up and went home.

I was really surprised that no one at all attended to us in all that time. I felt at least one of the nurses could have given us some indication as to what was going on. Why tell us we would be seen soon if we were likely to have 2 and a half hours of being completely ignored by everyone? I appreciate that they must only have had one or two doctors on duty, but that is the only place you can go if you have a child that is too sick to wait to see a doctor the next day.

So we are no closer to knowing what was actually wrong with Ariana on Saturday night. We've avoided feeding her the foods we feel could have been likely to have caused that reaction, and will try them again only when I know my dad is available to see her should a problem arise again.

Speaking of my parents, they are finally arriving home tomorrow morning, after having been away for nearly 2 months.  It will be good to have them home.

Other news... I joined facebook recently, and I love it! I had ignored invitations for ages, thinking it was just another one of those same-old networking sites like Hi5, Friendster etc. But a friend convinced me to try it out as he assured me it was different, and he was right! I'm hooked!