SimDragon's Journal

Friday, May 25, 2007

Some quick updates..

Ariana is now 6 months old! She is enjoying eating solids - well, she LOVES rice cereal, but isn't too sure about pumpkin yet. We've also tried giving her some apple juice, on the advice of a doctor, but Ariana seems to take after me in that she doesn't like the taste. I might try her on another vegetable next week, once she is a bit more used to pumpkin.

Ruby seems to be settling in ok. She is a really friendly, affectionate cat, but seems to run away from me during the day (she's quite the opposite at night - it's bizarre!). She is a very talkative little thing in the evening as well, but she's not one to play. I don't know if that is because she is still adjusting to life with us, or if that is just her nature. Juliet very much acted like a kitten well past the year mark, in terms of playing. Ruby has started playing with Juliet's toys a little, but not very much at all.

We were disturbed by some noises outside last night, and upon investigating them, discovered 2 possums right outside the back door! We took a photo of one of them, which was sitting on the roof beam of the verandah about a metre away from us, opposite the door. Unfortunately I couldn't get it's tail in the photo, as it was hidden on the other side of the post. The glance I got looked like a ringtail, but western ringtail possums are an endangered species, so I guess we wouldn't have those around here! The other possum, which we only got a fleeting glance of as it bounded from the bush in front of us across to the bottlebrush definitely looked more like a common brushtail - from what I saw its tail liked bushy. I hope we see them again - I'd like a closer look to try to identify them for sure.