SimDragon's Journal

Sunday, April 29, 2007

RIP Juliet
15 October 2002 - 28 April 2007

My beloved pussy cat, Juliet, passed away last night. I'm not entirely sure what she died from, especially since she was only 4 years old and had been in great health (as far as I am aware), and had been indoors for the previous 24 hours, so is unlikely to have been poisoned outdoors.

Fortunately I was home at the time (I have been out most of this weekend). I was just about to leave to go out again, when I heard Juliet give what I can only describe as a "scream", then heard her water bowl (which is glass) thunk on the floor. When I went to investigate, Juliet had collapsed, was bleeding from the mouth, and was totally unresponsive. She was still breathing, but within minutes she had died, cradled on my lap.

Looking back, I had noticed that she hadn't eaten more than about 1/4 of her dinner the night before (which is unusual), but I put that down to the meat not being so fresh, so I put out some new food for her just before she died. Also somewhat unusually, Juliet didn't attempt to go outside when I hung the laundry outside yesterday. So there had been signs that she was out of sorts during the day, and looking back, I wish I had had some inkling that she was worse than she appeared, to have been able to take her to a vet and perhaps have her life saved. I regret being out so much over the previous day and a half, to not notice she was not as well as she appeared, and even more, to not have cuddled her more in her last remaining hours.

It is such an awful feeling being totally helpless while a loved on lies dying. Being 5:30 pm on a Saturday, practically all the vet clinics were closed. I phoned a LOT, especially ones listed as "24 hours" and "emergency service available", to find that that ISN'T the case - there are only 2 places in Perth that are open 24 hours (one in Balcatta in the north, and Murdoch in the south, neither of which are anywhere near me), and the vets that claim to be 24 hours etc just have an answering machine with the phone number for one of those instead. Had I been able to get Juliet to a vet quickly, the only thing they could probably have done was take a guess at what she may have actually died of. After 40 minutes of phoning, I finally found a vet that was open (20 minutes by car!), but by then it was far too late. I had held out hope that she could be revived, but dad came over and verified her heart was not beating, and he buried her in the back yard.

Juliet was a wonderful companion. She was a reasonably friendly cat (as far as cats go!) and she had been a great friend to me during times of intense loneliness and sorrow. It's hard to believe she has gone, as I had expected Ariana to be able to grow up with Juliet around.

I miss you Juliet. Thank you for bringing joy into my life, and teaching me how wonderful a pet can be.