SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've just purchased a new web hosting account with an ISP that I haven't used before but seem to offer the best package I've seen so far (in Australia). I am hosting my new Sound Therapy Perth site there, which isn't finished yet, but I have put up a small site for now (none of this "Site coming soon!" with absolutely nothing else crap) so that, with luck, I can start possibly getting some orders. It also takes quite some months now for Google to index new sites (*sigh*) so hopefully by the time the site is totally finished, Google will have found it. :p

I'm hoping that they turn out to be as good as they seem, as I'm inclined to move my Rotaract sites there. I do like the ISP I am with in terms of service, but we keep running out of space (we have 13 MB of site on a 50 MB site, but we keep going over...!?!), plus we stand to save a considerable amount of money if we move across. I'm inclined to give that a go soon, so we can pay for the hosting at the new place in one hit (for one year) rather than monthly where we are now - trying to get a hold of a 2nd Rotaract district signatory is proving to be very, very painful these days...

Now I just need the time to work on those sites... I have some paid work through DUIT to finish, but at least that won't be for much longer. I have resigned, as will finally finish up there at the end of this month. Hopefully then I can reduce my stress a little, and not stay up so late at night trying to get work done (which is what I will be doing tonight - it's midnight already, and I'm about to make a start on things..).

Ariana seems a little under the weather, poor thing. Her voice is a little husky, and she just wants to suckle constantly, to soothe herself. She seems to be sleeping reasonably well still, and hasn't gone off her food, so it doesn't seem to be anything too serious. I've been keeping Ariana's site up to date with photos and videos, and continued to tweak the interface a little (I think it's finally where I want it to be, though Marcos has suggested I add some navigation to the bottom of each page as well as the top, which I guess will be the next tweak. ;))

The wedding is just over a week away now, and I am so unprepared for it. :P Quite the opposite of the first time around. It's ended up bigger and more formal than I had intended - mum has kept inviting more and more people, many of which I have had very little to do with, so I don't know why she has invited them when it was supposed to be a small gathering for CLOSE family and friends. I finally got a dress today, which cost way more than I wanted to spend, and isn't what I had in mind, but post-baby I've gone up to a size 16 for now (I was a size 12 pre-baby) so absolutely nothing looks good on me as I look like a whale still. :(((((((((((( I think the only photos I'll be framing are head shots! I guess the next few days will be spent trying to finalise things - I really can't believe I've left it all to the last minute!! It's just so hard to get anything done with a baby - I knew that, on a theoretical level, but now I really *know* that on an experiential level.

Well, time to actually get on with things, I guess...