SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's been a busy week...

Marcos and I finally got married on Saturday. Our short, non-traditional ceremony and reception went very smoothly, as did Ariana's naming. My 15 month old niece Tameka was extremely cute - she was a flower girl, and although Amber and Damian sat down with the rest of the guests after the naming was over (in which they were appointed Guardians of Ariana), Tameka decided that sitting down wasn't for her, and she wondered around the stage quite a bit, bringing much amusement to all! Photos will be uploaded somewhere (a new page / site) once we actually have them. ;)

So now we are officially Mr & Mrs Carot Collins. I have plans for a new website about the Carot Collins family (ie us!), after I have completed the other projects I have on the go.

We had a very brief (2 day) honeymoon in the Swan Valley, thanks to 4 sets of friends who paid for it! It was wonderful for the 3 of us to spend all that time together relaxing. We spent most of Monday at Whiteman Park. Marcos (and Ariana) finally saw (and touched) his first kangaroos, koalas, and wombats - I am now convinced that Caversham Wildlife Park is the place to take tourists rather than Cohunu. ;)

I went to Mother's group today (we now meet at The Warehouse cafe, which has a great room down the back ideal for informal meetings), and thought myself lucky finding a parking spot on the opposite side of the road. I soon discovered why it was vacant - the owner of the shop I parked in front (Bloomsbury Antiques) came out pretty much as soon as I had turned off the engine and was in the process of putting some sunshades up (it is the middle of summer, and it is VERY hot!), and enquired if I was planning to go in her shop. When I said no, I was going in to some shops on the other side of the road, she told me she was about to call the ranger, and more or less threatened to ensure I received a parking ticket, even though she has no exclusive right to that parking spot, which is a 30 min parking bay for use by anyone visiting the area!! I took Ariana in to the cafe and told the others what happened, and it turned out that one of the other mothers had the same experience last week. I did move my car (further away, to a 2 hour bay), as I have come across other nasty people like her who take perverse pleasure in trying to get parking infringements issued (I'm thinking specifically of a couple who lived opposite my father's doctor surgery). So.. don't reward rudeness. Don't shop at Bloomsbury Antiques on Onslow Road, Shenton Park!

We had Rotaract tonight. We have some good projects in mind, but I am concerned that the club is being optimistic about achieving them (actually, I am more concerned that we will continue with the same trap of leaving things to the last minute, not having enough time to plan and advertise properly, and subsequently the event / project turns out to be a complete failure). I am also very concerned that we are doing a LOT of talking, and very little doing, going round and round in circles... the same old All Talk, No Action... *sigh*