SimDragon's Journal

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything. The reason for that is that I have been incredibly busy, and also incredibly tired as I near the end of my pregnancy.

I'm now on maternity leave, but I'm hardly sitting around at home doing nothing!

Marcos finally arrived in Perth around 3 weeks ago (yayyyyyyyyyyyyy), and we moved into a rental - a townhouse in Nedlands, across the road from UWA - the day after he arrived. We are more or less settled in now, though I still have a number of things to sort and find a home for, and a large number of things to attempt to sell on ebay. The townhouse is rather small, so I have had to retain one of my 2 self-storage units, which is an expense I hadn't counted on when budgeting for renting! *sigh* The landlord here has unfortunately turned out to be a pain - she purely wants to make money and will not do maintenance!!! We have fixed a number of things ourselves, and it has taken 5 weeks to get things like flyscreens fixed (some had been completely ripped out of the windows, and without any window panes, those windows were completely open - you wouldn't believe the mozzie, moths, spiders, flies etc that we had to battle with!!). Unfortunately most of the tenants are students, so the condition of all these townhouses is quite bad because they aren't fussed about things being filthy or unusable either. If we didn't have a baby coming within the month, I would seriously look at breaking the lease on the grounds of the landlord not keeping the house in a fit condition to live in, but as it stands, the thought of moving when the baby could come at any time is not something I want to deal with right now!!

Rotaract is continuing to keep me busy. Marcos has now been inducted into South Perth, which brings us to 11 members - not bad, but not too great either. We are have a tremendous problem with commitment in the club right now, to the point where I have been wondering if it is really worth keeping the club going. Most of the board have resigned as they don't feel they have the time to do anything; I've taken on as much as I can, but with a baby on the way, there is a limit to how much I can do too. With luck I can hand over a fair bit to others in coming weeks, but so far anything I have attempted to pass on this year has just boomeranged back!

Baby keeps me awake most nights - he/she is VERY active, which I guess is a good sign! I hardly slept 2 nights ago when the baby moved down lower into my pelvis in readiness to be born, which really brought home that the birth could happen at any time - I am at 35 weeks after all, and I decided to come into the world at 34 weeks! At least I feel more or less prepared in terms of having the essential items for the baby, plus my bag packed for the hospital. There is still the mental preparation that needs to be done though - I still have a lot of things I want to finish / organise before baby joins us and my "normal" routine changes forever.

Marcos has found some work here - just of a temporary nature for now - which is a huge relief. We hope to find a good, permanent job for him in the new year, but thought it best to stick with casual work for now so that he could take time off when needed when the baby decides it is time to join us. I really hope he will be able to find a job that he enjoys and provides enough of a challenge to keep him interested in the work - there is nothing worse than an unsatisfying job!