SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Heartburn. Leg cramps. Back pain. And now restless leg syndrome. To put it mildly, I'm not getting all that much sleep these days, and I still have 2 months to go before the baby arrives.

If I'm home during the day, I usually spend the afternoon sleeping (or dozing, anyway). I suspect the only reason why I can get through the afternoon at work these days is because I tend to go through a litre of ice coffee to try to keep the heart burn at bay. It's probably not the healthiest option, I know, but the thought of shovelling Gaviscon down my throat all day is not that appealing.

Just one more day of work left! It's hard to believe. I'm utterly swamped at work, having to turn away a lot of jobs.

I have the keys to my rental now, and have taken over a couple of boxes of things - mostly stuff that has been sitting in the garage here at my parents' house. I have exams this coming weekend, so moving this week was out of the question. I now plan to start moving my larger furniture and boxes in storage next Friday or so. Marcos will be here the following Tuesday (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) so I hope to have a few things in order in the house before then, but if not, there is still the option of staying on with my parents for a bit. I just need to judge when to fully move into the rental so I can organise to switch my internet connection across (though I guess I can always fall back on dialup? *shudder* Not likely!!)

Argh, I hate having restless legs!! I want to be able to get comfortable so I can actually sleep... I know, my body is training me not to sleep through the night anymore, as god knows that will be a thing of the past once the baby is here, but can't it at least let me have 2 final months of sleep?? :P