SimDragon's Journal

Monday, August 21, 2006

There has been no nett change with my housing situation, though things have fluctuated a lot in the past week.

Dad feels so strongly against me spending dead money by renting that he offered to help me financially (and give the same financial help to my sister). The combination of how much he said he planned to give me, and how much I had for a deposit, and confirmation from a mortgage broker that I could get a loan of about $160k meant that I could now consider buying something up to about $300k. Yay! So the hunt was on, and I compiled a list of properties to check out on the weekend just gone.

All bar 1 were 2 bedroom apartments near the city (Maylands, Wembley etc). We looked at the 1st too, and they were pretty depressing... very small and looked quite run down (despite "freshly painted!" "new drapes"!). It soon became obvious that if I bought something of that size, I would have to keep one of my self-storage units, which defeats the purpose of spending so much on my own place... so we gave up looking at any more, with the exception of looking at the 3 bedroom place on Sunday.

Well, that was the plan.. Dad had a change of heart and decided he was a bit hasty in offering to help financially. So that meant the 3 bedroom villa was now out of my price range, and I was back to square one. Since the likelihood of me finding a 3 bedroom place anywhere in the metro area for less than $250k is pretty much non existant, I'm back to having just one option: renting.

At least now I know that I can't consider a 2 bedroom place. I will just have to bite the bullet and take some time off during business hours to visit any rental properties relatively nearby (ie Lathlain / Vic Park / Belmont are doable, but not Armadale!). I am going to take a look at a place in Belmont tomorrow, so I will have to work back a bit tomorrow night to make up for the lost time... but that's life...

Rotaract is still a source of frustration. How do you instill a sense of commitment in anyone these days? We had our International Dinner on Saturday night, which was supposed to be a fundraiser (I have wanted to hold a separate fundraiser, and keep the Intl Dinner purely social as it usually is, but I was outvoted... by people who ended up not showing up). We had a whopping 6 people show up, of which only 3 were members! Very disappointing from a club of 8. Three people pulled out at the last minute, and 4 who had RSVPed just didn't show up. How much did we raise? $50. Like that's going to make much of a difference... I really, really give up.

I've been looking around at other causes to put my energy into instead of Rotaract, and I've now become the WA Delegate for the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association of Australia. I've also applied to join the WA Greens. And my newest passion... I found out about FreeLife about 2 weeks ago from a natural therapist friend of Dad's, and while at first I wasn't so keen on looking into it, I did so out of courtesy, and what I've read about it blew me away! Now I see that becoming a very big part of my life too.

So life continues to be one big rollercoaster ride right now. I am really missing Marcos - still no news about the visa, and on top of that, we hardly seem to get to chat these days. Prior to me visiting Argentina, we used to chat a good 8 hours a day. I expected after spending more or less 24 hours a day together in Argentina, we would revert to spending as many of our waking hours (albeit in totally opposite time zones) chatting again once I returned home, but quite the opposite seems to have happened. So far today I've chatted with him for around half an hour? It's 10:30 pm here now, and I haven't seen him at all this evening, and it looks like I won't get to chat with him tonight after all. This is not uncommon these days, which has also been contributing to my depression. I feel totally and utterly alone, which is even harder to handle when one is 6 months pregnant!

Well, here's hoping that the rental property in Belmont tomorrow will be half decent, and will allow pets (I will be really miffed if I get out there to find they don't allow pets - I did ask, but they didn't answer, just told me when it would be open to view; I'm assuming if pets weren't allowed they wouldn't have got back to me about seeing the property at all...). It would be nice to have at least one bit of certainty in my life right now, apart from becoming a mother in 3 months time!