SimDragon's Journal

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not a lot has changed.

I'm feeling rather depressed, particularly about the situation at home. I have had a lot of fights with my mother recently, typically when she has come into my room and picked on me about something silly (eg last night, that I had eaten some corn thins, which are quite healthy!!) and gone on, and on, and on about it... and when I've asked her to please stop repeating herself, she got quite nasty. She called me a bitch and a number of other things last night, just because I asked her to stop going on about my weight (I am 6 months pregnant! Of course I am going to put on some weight!), and then when she wouldn't, I asked her to please leave my room. I ended up having to be the one to leave my own room, and after she left, I went back and locked the door (not that that deters her from entering - it is quite easy to pick the lock with a nailfile, and my mother doesn't hesitate to use that method to come in). I'm now trying to avoid my mother (which is very hard when we live in the same house) - I dislike her intensely right now, and don't want anything at all to do with her.

I'm still desperately trying to find somewhere to rent. Properties seem to be snapped up as soon as they come on the market. I will hopefully be able to look at a place in Forrestfield on Thursday, which is not an area I want to live in, but right now, I will take anything I can that has at least 2 bedrooms and allows pets!

Hmmm... if it wasn't for the lack of an internet connection, I'd even buy a caravan and go live in a caravan park! Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the problem of all my belongings being in storage... But it might be an idea worth exploring...

Work is also a major source of frustration. I've applied for maternity leave, but that still doesn't seem to have been processed. I wonder if my boss thinks if he doesn't do anything about it I won't take leave until the baby is actually born. I really, really want to start my leave in early October (though I hope like hell that I am in my own place by then, or else being at home with my mother will drive me utterly crazy).