SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sick :(

I finally arrived back in Perth last Wednesday after a mammoth 3 day trip (that is a story in itself). I must have caught something - several things - on the flights, as I have been in bed sick ever since.. so far, a full week, with not much sign of getting better.

I started with gastro, which was absolutely awful. That subsided with 2 days, but was replaced by an absolutely killer cold. While it's not the flu, it feels more or less as bad. I have a nasty, constant cough, my sinuses are totally blocked (effectively giving me a sinus "headache" that stretches the whole length of my face), and so far I have gone through 2 whole boxes of tissues. I have very little energy, and can't stand up for more than a minute or so. I did go in to work yesterday, but they sent me home. So with that exception, I've more or less been sick in bed for a whole week now. My symptoms aren't really reducing, no matter how much time I spend in bed, so it looks like I could be here for a while!

Juliet has been a loyal companion while I've been sick, especially for the first few days - she barely left my side while I had gastro (even me throwing up hourly didn't budge her). Dear little cat!

This isn't how I had envisaged spending my first week back in Perth - I had more in mind things like unpacking, catching up with friends... I've got quite reaquainted with my bed, and also my cat, but that's about it!

Well, time to sleep some more... :S