SimDragon's Journal

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm slowly getting better. I've been in bed for a week and a half! It really takes ages to get well when you can't take any medication, orthodox or natural!

I have been out of bed all day today, but only because I spent the afternoon at a salon, and was not in a position to be able to spend the afternoon sleeping... :p

I've felt compelled this week to complain about 2 shockingly designed websites (no concept of usability - terrible navigation, and in one instance, a clear emphasis on "search engine optimisation" at the expense of usability by just repeating key words over and over on the home page, not in human readable sentences, with most links just leading back to the home page, not to their products!!) It's the first time I've actually used "contact us" to tell them what I think of their website. :P In the first instance, they did ask for feedback, as they recently changed their site (from bad to worse - now every page is a PDF.... ICK!!!!) I was probably a bit harsh with the 2nd one, suggesting they fire their existing web developer, and their response was that they were quite happy with it as the site only cost them a few hundred dollars rather than thousands (and doesn't it show!!).

It's amazing just how many bad "professionals" there are. I've avoided freelancing, feeling I don't have enough skills to go it alone, but after seeing some of these commercial sites, I reckon I could make a go of it, and do a much a better job. Only... I don't want to work for any else, I've decided. I find it hard enough working with some of the existing clients we have at work, who don't have a clue, but don't want to take the professional advice their are paying for. So any work I do on my own, will be for myself... sites to make myself money. ;)

I'm getting thoroughly sick of people not taking advice... I'm very over my own Rotaract Club, for the same reason. I'd built up the club to a healthy level in just 6 months, from 3 to 13 members... and now everything I'd put in place has been undone again, and the membership is reflecting that - about 4 people turning up to meetings. :( You can lead a horse to water... I'm too old to keep resurrecting the club, and I don't have the energy or enthusiasm for it anymore. I have other things I need to channel my energy to - setting myself up, at home, and for the future. Hopefully my skills with Rotaract will come in handy somewhere else... I'm just not sure where yet!