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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Australia is still very much a penal colony, it appears... Got some criminals too awful to let back into English society? Send them to Australia!!

We were rocked in 1993 by the brutal tale of the murder of Jamie Bulger in London by two 10 year old boys, who did the most hideous things to a poor little 2 year old. The boys served 8 years of detention, but were then allowed back into society, with new identities, so no one would know who they were.

But they weren't released in London's society. They were sent to Australia. And at least one of them has been sent to Perth. My city. And not only that. To Canning Vale. The suburb my sister lives in with her husband and 7 month old daughter.

Perth was rocked on Monday by the tale of another brutal murder, this time in our own city. In Canning Vale. At a shopping centre just up the road from where my sister lives, where my family had gone on Saturday before visiting my sister.

Around 4pm on Monday, an 8 year old girl, Sofia, went to the toilets at the Livingston shopping centre. She never emerged. Worried, her family (14-year-old brother, 11-year-old sister and uncle) went there to look for her, and found the disabled toilet cubicle locked, but no one in the other toilets. So they thought maybe she went back to the car without them noticing, so they checked. Not there either. They went back to the toilets - now 20 minutes after she had gone in - and found her, dead: raped, strangled, in the disabled toilet cubicle. Her killer ran past them, out to the carpark. Thankfully, he was later caught.

As if that tale isn't chilling enough, news is starting to emerge today that makes it even more horrifying.

One report I've heard indicates her arms and legs were broken.

And even more terrifying, it appears that her killer is one of the relocated murderers of Jamie Bulger. I will reproduce below the news I received about it from my sister's friend, who has worked in the prisons and who spotted the identity of the murderer. And it appears that she is right - the police are aware of the email that is going around that was written by my sister's friend, and official word is that they "can't confirm that with England"... but they certainly aren't denying it either. The police are asking everyone to ignore this email, so "Dante Arthurs" can have a fair trial...

A fair trial..!?!? This guy was caught RED HANDED raping and murdering, and possibly torturing an innocent 8 year old girl who should have been able to safely go to the toilet on her own!!! This guy needs to be transported back to England and left in jail to rot forever. It needs to be known that he has a history of molesting, torturing and murdering children!!! He is not rehabilitable!!

The information certainly adds up. According to a report in the West Australia today:

"For much of his childhood Mr Arthurs ... lived in England, but he returned to Perth with his family in 2001 to complete high school."

2001 would have marked 8 years after the 1993 murder... when the 2 boys completed their detention and were released...

The newspaper report continues:

"What would motivate him to kill in the way he is alleged to have taken Sofia's life has baffled Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan. "It's one of the most shocking cases that I've ever heard of and I know much more detail and it's quite horrific," he said." I heard him say that on the news tihs morning too.

And what's worse... this isn't the first offense "Dante Arthurs" appears to have committed in Perth. He was jailed for molesting a 12 year old girl in Canning Vale, but was release due to "insufficient evidence"...!!!

The letter from my sister's friend:

Hello friends

I am just so angry, frustrated and really upset at what has happened at the Livingston Shopping Centre that I needed to let you all know the "truth" behind the mongrel murderer.

About 3 yrs ago when I was working at the prison we found out that one of the boys (at the time aged about 12) that abducted James Bulger from a shopping centre in the U.K., then brutally raped and murdered him, had reached the age of 18 and had been sent out to Australia with a new identity for his family, etc. Long story short is that he was given the name of Dante Arthurs, his grandfather's name is Arthur Dante, and his family moved into a house in Canning Vale. When the prison staff got wind of this it was all supposed to be kept hushed up, it was some sort of prisoner exchange deal the Aust Govt set up. Soon after he got here he assaulted a 12 yrd old girl in a park in Canning Vale and consequently came to Hakea prison but for only about 6 weeks as they couldn't get enough evidence on him and the incident was brushed under the mat.

His parents used to visit him and their photos were on the computers at work and I clearly recall seeing his mum at the Livingston shops one day. I even had his address and because I've got friends and family in the area, I felt I had a right to tell them, stuff the prisons!!

I had even driven past his house in Lakeview Rise estate in Canning Vale!

Anyway when this happened yesterday I said to Ron, it'd be interesting to see if it's that Dante Arthurs guy from the U.K. and sure enough today we find out that it is him. I am, along with a lot of others, absolutely furious that the mongrel arsehole was allowed to come here via the Govt in the first place and that he was allowed to appear to live a normal life!! Why haven't the police done something about this - he should not be allowed to breathe air, he is the scum of the earth.
And tonight he would be sitting back in a comfortable cell in prison, having just had a reasonable hot dinner and be watching TV!

That innocent little girl and her poor family will never ever be the same again - all because the piss weak Justice System and Govt allowed him to live in our country! There is a register for paedophiles so that the community are allowed to know where they're living and yet this piece of shit can live on our back door step with a new identity.

People winge about illegal immigrants, what about this?

It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few days, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's whisked out of the country in the same manner he was bought here, then again knowing our pathetic laws, we'll probably keep him here in our justice system, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed and entertain him PLUS the do-gooders will believe in their minds that they can rehabilitate him!

I was just going to type "sorry " but I'm not at all sorry for alerting my friends to something that should be publicly known.

Stay safe, talk soon.


She raises some extremely good points. I have found out first hand how difficult it is for decent people to enter Australia - Marcos was refused a tourist visa, and the amount of paperwork and hoops we have to jump through for him to come to Australia is ridiculous. But a convicted killer is welcomed into the country with open arms...!?! WHY????????