SimDragon's Journal

Friday, May 19, 2006

Is it just me, or are Micro$oft products really going downhill?

I use Opera as my browser of choice, and have done so for many years, but after reading a SitePoint article about IE7 beta, I installed it to try it out, to see what was in store for web developers. After a week or so, I ended up uninstalling it, as it was so broken, it rarely worked for me!

I've since, foolishly, upgraded MSN Messenger to the Windows Live Messenger beta, and I am not enthused by what I see. In fact, I hate it - I much prefered MSN Messenger. Likewise the move from Hotmail to Windows Live Mail. Hotmail was a very long way from being a good webmail program - even after years of use, I found the layout very confusing, and often had to hunt for the buttons for common, simple actions. While some of the actions have been improved in the Windows Live Mail, the layout SUCKS. The amount of room to actually read and answer emails is so tiny it is impractical to use. And more often than not, I get an error message that it was "unable to perform the function". Guess what? I now forward my Hotmail to Yahoo, and am thinking of asking everyone to email me at Yahoo instead, I hate the interface that much. I've given them feedback, but doubt it will get listened to, as the "Feedback" they proclaim they listen to on the annoying "Today" screen that I can't find anyway of turning off in Live Mail is all positive. "Love the changes" "Thanks! See, we listen to you". Excuse me while I throw up...

Now, if a messenger could just combine some of the better features of Yahoo messenger with the better ones of MSN messenger, I'd be happy!