SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I finally finished overhauling my Rotaract club's website. Yay! While I was at it, I also rewrote the Dial-A-Santa website in PHP. That is only a small site of about 8 pages, so it was nice and quick. ;) I updated some of the photos with something more recent as well.. the one of me from 1999 has gone... :)

I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of nights, and my heart has been playing up over the last 3 days. I'm not sure if my heart is causing my lack of sleep, or vice versa (or possibly both driving a vicious cycle). I've been very lethargic the past 2 days, very tired, with my heart causing me a little pain, but not able to sleep. So I've relaxed a lot, reading a book by a Latin American author (though translated into english :)).

The last couple of nights I've dreamt of Juliet. I know she's ok, but I really miss my little pussy cat.

Oh... I was excited the other day (almost as excited as when I heard a John Farnham song here) to see Degrassi on TV!! Yes.. Degrassi High: The Next Generation exists!!
I loved Degrassi when I was in high school.. I remember when the students of Degrassi Junior High were going to be moving to Degrassi High, but that would have made the tv show difficult as the characters were from some different years, so conveniently, the junior high burnt down and they *all* had to move to Degrassi High. I don't know what's sadder... me remembering that, or me admittedly that I remember that (or admitteding that I was addicte to the show).

So now I'm tired but not sleepy. Starting to plan an overhaul of the ROTI website (I've recently become one of the webmasters for that... yay hoooooooo!!!! I have plans to restructure it like I do best... :))))) Plus I have plans for an events page on my district site, and more training materials... I may be fighting a losing battle with Rotaract, but it gives me something to fill (well, more than fill) all my spare time. I was even planning a National Australian Rotaract Conference this morning in bed while I couldn't sleep. If it wasn't for there being so few Rotaractors in WA (and many of them apathetic about things beyond their own club), I believe I could make it a reality, and put on a damn fine conference!!