SimDragon's Journal

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The moon looks particularly nice tonight. I have a nice view of it from the window here...

Well, a month of trying to find a translator to officially translate my divorce papers still hasn't yielded any results. We've been in touch with the 2 we have been trying - the first we visited a week or so ago, but wanted to charge a fortune. The other told us to see him today, so we went to his office at the appointed time... but no translator. We left a message for him to call, and if we don't hear from him tomorrow, I will just have to go with the expensive one... *sigh*

I've overhauled my personal website, SimDragon's Lair, overhauled my private "portal" which is now my homepage on my own computers so I have easy access to sites I use the most (compiling bookmarks in all the different browsers on all the different computers I use? Bah!). And I've also updated my Rotaract District's website, during the course of which I discovered the webspace for that account now appears to be "unlimited" (it was previously 50 MB) which I was overjoyed about!! It now means I can play around with add-on modules (CMSes, bulletin boards, chat rooms and lots of other fun stuff), if anyone else in the district expresses any interest in using any of these things (so far the silence has been deafening). I will start tackling the final part of the overhaul of my Rotaract Club's site a little later.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my direction in life, while I am "removed" from it all, on the other side of the world. My studies have been bugging me for a while... I haven't been 100% happy with my naturopathy studies, and have had issues with both colleges I have tried. I think I've now come to a decision that I am really happy about... ditching the remainder of my naturopathy studies (though I want to finish the Cert IV in Massage first, which should only be a matter of some extra clinic hours, even though I did enough at AIHM to complete it...) I will continue with the Flower Essence course, though drop back from an Advanced Diploma to a Diploma. And if time permits (in terms of timetabling), I would like to switch my spanish classes from part time to full time. The plan is to try to finish all my classes by the end of next year... I want to get it over and done with!!!!

By the end of it all, I should have a Cert IV in Massage, a Diploma of Reflexology (just 1 more clinic to do!), a Diploma of Applied Language (Spanish), and a Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Mind Body Medicine. I can thank my friend Maree for indirectly affecting my decision... we are both suckers for punishment when it comes to studying, taking on a lot of different courses in the search for the one that is truly right, believing we need to have a degree to be considered an "expert" in the field. I finally realised that I don't need to go for the highest qualification in every field that interests me... I'll never be able to start working in the area otherwise!! So I'm sticking with the aspects of natural medicine that truly interest me (and I never intended to become a naturopath), and aiming a little lower. I can always add to my qualifications later. I am very eager to finally be able to move into a career where I feel like I am actually making a difference... and natural health / natural living is something I have become even more passionate about.

Another part of my decision to end my studies ASAP is so that I can seriously look at moving to Rosneath farm... the sooner I can return to full time work (or have more time for work) the easier it will be to afford to buy a house... right now I have the money for a 20% deposit or so, but not a high enough income for any bank to even consider giving me a home loan. And I really want to start living sustainably as soon as possible. It's going to be quite an adjustment, but I'm looking forward to it. I've gotten used to some things here in Argentina (they use a LOT less electricity in the kitchen) which will make some aspects of that transition a little easier. There are still some issues, like how much I use my computers, that I will need to explore, but... I'm sure it will all work out... it just feels so right!!!

Well, back to Spanish studying...