SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why is it that no one wants to let me do my job as DRR in 9470?

A new club is set to charter in April, but the Rotarian overseeing it refuses to give me any details at all about the members - and as DRR, it is my right to have that information. No one seems inclined to help with that.

The other club is still on death's door, but is refusing to give in and be terminated. I'm not sure how they expect to revive the club by continuing to do the same things that brought about its demise... I can help it grow again, but they know better... that's why they've gone from the 10 members I started them with down to 1.

And now someone is trying to usurp the role of DRR from me... *sigh*

I really don't know why so many Rotarians in the district have been spreading nasty things about me (well, I'm a Collins, and they seem to have a big problem with the Collins family actually working hard and achieving great things in Rotary / Rotaract); even though it is my role to assist all clubs and ensure they are functioning well, even the new ones tell me straight out "butt out of our business". I'm sorry.. it IS my business.

It seems that 13,000 km isn't far away enough to escape all the nonsense. At times like this I wonder why I still persevere with it, but it's my life... I really believe in what can be achieved through Rotaract and Rotary, even though the beauracy and the politics make it extremely unpleasant to deal with. At least now I'm not a complete lone voice in the wilderness.. watch out 9470, it's not just Collinses you have to deal with anymore. ;)