SimDragon's Journal

Sunday, January 01, 2006

While it is now the new year in Australia, it's still the afternoon / early evening of New Year's Eve here in Argentina, where I have now been for 2 1/2 amazing weeks.

The end of the year is usually a time for retrospection, and the past year has certainly been a big time of change. This time last year I had recently ended my marriage, though was still living with Scott until we had finished packing our respective belongings to move back in with our parents. I was dreadfully unhappy and very sick, and spent a very new years eve alone (I wasn't in the mood to socialise anyway), packing my belongings.

A year on, things couldn't be more different. While living with my parents again after being independent for 9 years was a huge shock to the system, it gave me the space to be able to work on my health and to have time to concentrate on things I wanted to do, like travel, Rotaract, study... As 2006 approaches, I am now living 13,000 km from home, trying hard to come to grips with spanish (:P), still not in the best of health but a lot healthier than I was a year ago. And as for happiness, there is no comparison. I'm with a wonderful man now who I adore, and who treats me so very, very well.

2006 is likely to be a year unlike any other, but it should be very exciting. :) Hopefully at least half of it will be spent in Argentina, and once I return home, there will be plenty of other things to make decisions about and change again... Isn't it said that the only constant is change? :p