SimDragon's Journal

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm finally working on finishing overhauling my personal website. It had been a few years since I had really updated the content (especially the photos), and it was starting to look a bit tired, so a year ago I started rewriting the whole thing. The problem is, each time I've worked on it as been 6 months after I last worked on it - I last looked at it in June - so each time I continue I'm more or less starting from scratch again. And I'm a perfectionist.. I keep tweaking this, tweaking that, making the code leaner... At this rate I will never finish the home page!! I keep changing my mind about things.

Hopefully I will reach a point where I think "enough!"... and finish the remaining pages... I'm throwing away a number of pages from my old site, and adding one or two completely new ones. It's amazing how priorities change over time. I'm adding a new page about my philanthropical interests, and am removing ones about things I've outgrown to some degree, like penpals (Rotaract has more or less replace that hobby) and, *gasp* perhaps even my dragon page.

I also have so many other sites that I belong to or use the services of, such as blogs, photo albums etc, that a lot of my revised site is now links to all those other things. I figure if I use them, people may as well be able to find them!

But I'm still stuck on the ultimate question... a 2 column layout, or 3? :P