SimDragon's Journal

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm leaving tomorrow!!!

I can hardly believe it!!!

I'm mostly packed... it's just my carry on luggage that isn't sorted yet, as I want to update and condense my spanish lesson materials to take with me. ;) And my electronic equipment - my camera, ipaq, laptop... I'm in the process of sorting the photos currently on my digital cam, installing some last minute things on my laptop etc etc.

I'm very excited... also a little anxious, but so glad I have the opportunity to do something like spend months living overseas in a different culture! My spanish is still far too basic to be of much use, but I really hope to become reasonably fluent in it by the time I return home!

I will add updates over the intervening days as I sit around airports killing time, on my Perth -> Sydney -> Auckland -> Santiago (free wireless!! yee har!!) -> Buenos Aires -> Rosario (by coach) -> Parana (by car) odyssey ... ;)