SimDragon's Journal

Friday, November 25, 2005

Welcome to the world, Tameka Dion Kane!

My 4th niece, Amber's first child, was born on Wed 23rd November at 1pm. She is currently at Princess Margaret Hospital, much to Amber's distress, as Amber is in St John of God Murdoch. It will be a blessing to watch Tameka grow up, especially since it seems likely that I won't have any children of my own for a number of years yet. ;)

I've just taken the last lot of text books to the 2nd hand bookstore here at UWA. Almost 6 years worth of books! I have kept some of the IT and Chemistry ones, for now anyway. I started taking them in on Monday, and already some have sold! A cheque for $112 is in the mail to me, yay!! I didn't expect anyone to start looking at the books until February or March. Any extra money at this point in time is very handy!

Another week is over already... time is certainly flying by! It seems like it was Monday yesterday. The countdown to my departure is now in the teens (yeah!!) though I hope my time in Argentina won't fly by as quickly as the time has done recently...

I've been strict with my eating today, after putting on more weight this week. :S It has been very hard not to give in to temptation of buying chocolate or a frappe, especially when my stomach started growling at 11am!! This time of year is shocking for trying to watch your weight, especially since we have to many birthdays in my family in addition to all the Christmas parties. I will skip some parties and take my own food to the others, if I can... (I could really go a frappe right now!! argh!!)