SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bring on summer!!

The weather is much warmer today - it is absolutely beautiful outside in the sun!

I had got into a routine of eating the same old thing, which was getting very dull... that was one of the biggest contributors to me deviating from my diet of late. But with my renewed motivation, I have started experimenting again, and have even devised a cannelli bean salad that I really like... finally a tasty way to eat beans!

Simone's Bean Salad
85 g Cannelli Beans
135 g of sliced black olives, cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts
splash of balsamic vinager
oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary, to taste

Mix and enjoy!! Mm mmmmmmmm!

I've been out buying some more summer clothes. I bought 2 skirts, a dress suit, and don't ask me how many tops. I didn't count. But I badly needed them all... my old summer stuff was VERY old and VERY daggy. It is such a nice change to try on clothes and have the majority of them look nice! And to even think "gosh, that's a bit big.. let's try the 10 instead". :D Most of what I bought is black though.. great for going out, but not so good for 38 degree days. I would really love something in red, but there doesn't seem to be anything around... *sigh*

Now I just need the weather to keep warming up so I can start wearing it all, and not hiding under jackets or jumpers!

Life is good. :)