SimDragon's Journal

Monday, October 31, 2005

I've been very tired lately... no idea why... :(

It seems to be a fairly common occurrence though - both my parents also appeared tireder than usual, and another Rotaractor in my district thinks he has the flu, as do a number of his mates. Not good...

The weather is still bizarre. We get a few warm days, and then it plummets back to winter temperatures again, even though we're more than halfway through Spring. And I reckon we've had more rain in Spring than in Winter!!! The lake near the Mounts Bay road onramp is almost overflowing, and our dams are 41% full (which isn't terrific, but better than the 17% they have been previously). I really hope it starts warming up sometime soon. I want to wear summer clothes!! And be able to get outdoors and enjoy the sun!! All I want to do now is stay snuggled in bed...

I'm going to the post office today to apply for a new passport. Just 6 weeks to go until I return to Argentina!! Yeah!!! Tonight I will see if I can get the external VPN operational on my laptop so I can work remotely... It's all happening!!