SimDragon's Journal

Friday, October 28, 2005

After a return to cooler weather, the weather has returned to what I would expect of October - it's beautiful and warm today (and a real shame that I wore a long sleeve top!) This bizarre see-sawing of weather seems to be affecting people quite badly with allergies... I don't suffer from allergies usually, but the warm weather even seems to have got me sneezing and feeling, dare I say, a bit under the weather.

The great thing about the warm weather is (a) I want to drink more water and (b) my appetite decreases. I have been exceedingly slack with observing my Sure Slim diet (read: I haven't been following it whatsoever), which has not been helped by me being out practically every single day. I'm still out more often than not - the weddings are over, but there are a LOT of birthdays on now, especially in my family. I'm really lucky that I have only put on a kilo or so with eating a heap of junk.

Curiously enough, it is my natural medicine studies which is providing me with the main motivation to get back on a better eating plan. Yesterday I gained some interesting insights into my motivation with losing weight, and why I seem to see saw so much. And with 6 weeks until I return to Argentina, I'm running out of time to get back to the weight I want (9 kg lighter, probably not doable before I go, but 5 kilos may be possible ;)). But my motivation has returned, and with great will power and avoided the temptation to buy chocolate mid morning, and instead of a slightly heavier teriyaki tofu (it's all the rice that comes with it that is a killer!) I've gone with miso soup and salad for lunch.

I really need to get back to bringing my own lunch to work, which I had wanted to do this morning (I had set my alarm for 6 am to allow the time to make it, but with these allergies I just couldn't drag myself out of bed until 8 am!) As well as being healthier (though not as tasty :p), it will save me a bit of money too, which I can instead put towards buying some nicer clothes!! I did a spot of shopping in my lunch break today, and while I couldn't find any nice red tops, I did get a patterned black one, and a skirt... ;)

Hopefully this time next week I will be reporting a weight loss of at least 1 kg...

PS: Marquitos, TE EXTRAÑO!!!!!