SimDragon's Journal

Monday, September 05, 2005

I was very lucky today... I realised at lunchtime that I had forgotten to display my temporary parking permit on the dashboard of my car. The parking inspectors are usually VERY strict at UWA (the joy of being in the city of Subiaco)... how I avoided a parking fine I don't know! I managed to rectify the oversight at lunch. ;)

It looks like coffee + a block (pyramid?) of Toblerone is a dangerous combination for my heart. Caffeine overload perhaps? Or maybe I was just unlucky today. My heart caused me some grief... after a few hours I decided to try to see a doctor, but couldn't get in to either my usual surgery or the one at UWA. :( I ended up leaving work at 3pm, so dad could check there was nothing too serious (my blood pressure was normal, which meant the systole was 30 mmHg higher than is usual for me!) I spent the afternoon resting, to try to give it a chance to settle.

No more caffeine for me for a while... just in case...