SimDragon's Journal

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Life is good again. ;) Great, in fact!

My health is clearing up, thank goodness! :)

Karaoke was GREAT fun on Friday. I think we were all quite surprised!! I'm not sure how many songs I sang.. I lost count. :P We ended up staying on for an extra hour. The photos should be interesting! :p Kym took a stack, but she hasn't uploaded them yet. I took some, but none of them have me in them. ;)

Adriana's birthday dinner last night was nice. ;) It started early, which was good... I was quite tired, so I watched "Moulin Rouge" on DVD (I bought the Red Curtain Trilogy on Friday ;)). I LOVE that movie. ;) It's sad, but I think the music is great, very clever! I particularly love Ewan McGregor's voice. ;) Gotta love having so many Aussies in the movie too. ;)

Hopefully today I will make a start on the workshop I will be presenting at Interota. So far I have been cleaning up around the house, as mum and dad return home tomorrow, and I have been catching up on some of my email...