SimDragon's Journal

Friday, August 05, 2005

It's August already! Can you believe that?

Not a lot to write about today. Nothing of much consequence has happened lately. Work, study, chat, socialise, eat, sleep... the usual.

I'm still quite happy in general. My heart hasn't been giving me any troubles... just the usual background awareness that it is still there. ;)

Classes have been good. I have a break from Tuesday classes for the next 10 weeks, which will be very nice! I'm planning to make the most of the extra time and get on top of all my assignments early. My herbal medicine assignment is quite big - we have to write up (and press) 50 medicinal herbs. Sourcing that many is going to be interesting... researching them all even more so!

Still trying to work out how long to go to Argentina for. I would really love to spend several months there, but I would need to defer all my studies. I'm leaning towards not defering my studies, but that's not a firm decision by any means.

Got a quiet weekend coming up. Family dinner out tomorrow night. Home all day Sunday, for a nice change! Sleep, study, chat, relax! :) And if the weather is nice, perhaps a nice walk outdoors, and buy lots of herbs to plant in the garden. ;)

Bounce, bounce, bounce...