SimDragon's Journal

Monday, August 29, 2005

I need a massage. :P

I spent yesterday afternoon working in the reflexology student clinic (2nd last one!) and I was really trying to use as firm a pressure as possible... I haven't come across anyone yet who has requested light pressure on their feet. :p Well, you should have seen my hands last night! The veins were really sticking out. Yeuch! The swelling had gone down this morning, but they are still a bit sore. My back and neck are very stiff too. It's been quite some months since I've received a massage myself.

At lunchtime today, I went over to Anais to see if I could book a back massage for Wednesday.. but they were shut! Eh?? :( It's been ages since I have been there for a massage, so I hope they were just shut today, and not shut totally!

I guess I should give Chris a call, and see if he will give me a massage rather than talking me into acupuncture. ;) Perhaps if I actually get my Interota presentation preparation completed, I can take time out for a massage without feeling guilty about it!