SimDragon's Journal

Friday, August 26, 2005

I have a new car! Well, a second hand one... a 2004 Toyota Echo. Yay! I've readjusted to driving a manual car again now. I had forgotten how much more attention is needed for a manual. It's good though.. much easier to switch to an automatic from a manual than vice versa. Now I need to get my personalised number plates back, get a new parking permit for work, and try to find the car stuff I have in storage... after Interota. :p

I also have a check up with my cardiologist yesterday. Things are stable, which is good. ;) My blood pressure is still very low (95/65) but that's no big deal... better than having high blood pressure!

I had a dress fitting for the bridesmaid's dress for Simon & Ania's wedding last night. I'm a size 12, but felt like a bit of a blimp. Maybe it's because Ania is so skinny? I'm hoping to lose another 5kg or so by the time their wedding comes around in October. Meanwhile, Ania is deciding what she wants to do for her Hens night, so I can organise it for her. ;)

The next couple of nights should be quiet. ;) I need the time to organise things for Interota! I've sat down and tried to work on my workshop a couple of times, but have been devoid of useful ideas. I think I'm getting it worked out in my head now... Hopefully I can get a lot of the basic information written down by the end of the weekend. I ought to email the organisers and find out whether they can photocopy handouts for me, or if I would need to come prepared...

Life is good. :)

Currently stuck in my head: "Come Again" - Damn Yankees - I wasn't lookin' when you pulled me in, whoa oh oh oh yeah, Lord, here I come again ... great band ;)