SimDragon's Journal

Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh man... Note to self, don't ignore chest pains and dizziness...

I've just heard about my echocardiogram. They did find something... suspected pericarditis. D'oh!!! I have to have a stress echocardiogram to confirm it (though the earliest appointment they could give me is in 3 weeks... they only do it at one hospital, one day a week) So in the mean time I just have to take things really easy. Mind you, if that is what I have, I've lived with it for over a year now... 3 weeks isn't going to make much difference, I don't think ;)

My parents are back home now. It's nice to have them back, but I did really enjoy living on my own! Now I have to be more diligent cleaning up everything :p hehehe... Actually, the main thing I miss is setting the temperature of the house to what *I* like. My mother likes it colder... so now I have to rug up more! It was harder sleeping last night, feeling cold... Actually, I also miss having my music up loud and singing along to it :p

One more week without classes... I'm wondering now whether I ought to cut back a little on my classes, and take things a bit easier...