SimDragon's Journal

Monday, July 11, 2005

Another week has flown by already... what have I been doing with all my time? Ah... that would be chatting online. :P I'd got into a nice routine, chatting with Marcos most mornings and nights (the Australia/Argentina time difference actually works out quite good in that respect!) That's going to change somewhat this week, as he is going to be busy this week, and this weekend my parents return home. Pity... I have been really enjoying living on my own!!!

I'm another year older... I had a fairly quiet birthday last Thursday, particularly with my parents being away. I had to keep reminding myself that it was my birthday... as a kid the day seemed to feel special; now it's just another day, albeit one where you get spoiled by those who really care about you.

I did have a really nice day. It started with a phone call from Argentina, which was unreal!!! I didn't have classes during the day, so I spent a fair bit of time chatting, then went into the city for lunch with Kirsty and Jo. An hour of gossiping and joking around... great fun! Oh, I musn't forget the 2nd phone call from Argentina at lunch time either. ;) Then I popped in to see Amber briefly in the office they had been using while their own was being repaired after the tornado, then I went shopping. Supernova is closing down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but on the bright side they had 40% off everything, so I bought 6 books. ;) I couldn't find the CD I wanted, though I tried a few different shops. I renewed my drivers license for another 5 years (I'm not looking forward to seeing how the photo turns out :p), and spent an hour or so in at Flight Centre trying to book my trip to Munich for Interota. I couldn't get flights on the days I wanted to arrive & leave unless I was prepared to spend a fortune! So I will arrive and leave a day earlier than I wanted, but you get that... I had classes in the evening, so no more celebrations, until the weekend!

The news of the London bombings was quite a blow on my birthday. I arrived home to find messages from Amber and our eldest brother Ken asking if I knew if Ross was in London or not (luckily he was in Amsterdam!). A few friends were in London, but they all let us know they were nowhere near the affected areas, which was reassuring. It's hard to believe that such terrorist acts are STILL continuing... why???

I need to get on and finish my 2nd Flower Essence module sometime soon (I better phone them and check when I need to finish things by... I need to go in to the LiFE Academy to be able to do the last assignments, as I need the full set of essences.. too expensive to do at home... ) Then I need to find a body to take with me! If I can do it next week, I could perhaps borrow a parent... I have a feeling that I might need it done this week though...

I'm slowly catching up with some things at home. I might actually have the areas I use looking reasonably tidy before mum gets home. :p I need to do a stack more cleaning up outside - sweeping, raking, gardening... I did half an hour yesterday, but it makes me very dizzy. I never used to worry about it before, but I received a letter last week about the exercise stress test I did before I went away. The results were not normal, and they have recommended I get an echocardiograph and a nuclear thallium test to check out my heart. Perhaps I should have paid a little more attention to the dizziness and the palpitations? So its off to the doctor this arvo, to get a referral to a cardiologist... *sigh* Just when I thought my health was almost back to where it should be! I'm hoping that nothing much is wrong, and that if there is something out of kilter, I can fix it naturally...