SimDragon's Journal

Friday, July 29, 2005

Err... my mind has gone completely blank...

What was I going to write about again...???

Nothing terribly earth shattering, obviously...


Nearly the weekend, yay! It's going to be quite a busy one.

Tonight I'm going to see "War of the Worlds" with Sara, a Rotaractor from Italy who is now working in Perth until January or so. Tomorrow morning I have Spanish classes, then I'm going shopping with Amber, then after dinner it's Joanna's birthday party. I have no idea what to get her as a present... Sunday morning is going to be reflexology clinic... and then maybe I can sleep. ;) But not too much... Arrakis should be around for the rotaractnet chat, and I don't want to miss that! Especially when Fabricio joins in too... plenty of classic moments!

Current song stuck in my head: "Milkman's Son" by Ugly Kid Joe...
"When I see tomorrow I see you there.... when I look around I see you everywhere... your face is etched in to my mind... when it's all said and done, I'm feeling like the milkman's son..."

(I think my iPod needs to be recharged, so I can listen to some more songs, rather than have the same one stuck in my head... ;))

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My classes have started again. So far, so good. :)

The stress echocardiogram went well. The damage to my pericardium is mild, and I don't need any treatment. :)

Starting to really think about going back to Argentina in January, hopefully for 4 - 6 weeks.

Life is good. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Friends Day!

It's hard to believe that I have finally been forced to slow down and take things easy, rather than just talk about doing it. While I don't think the pericarditis is going to seriously affect me, the issue that I have it in the first place is worrying enough. So.. in the first time in 8 years of tertiary study, I have withdrawn from some units. I'm finally reducing my workload, so I can give my body more chance to rest!

I've started thinking today if I need to re-evaluate my job as well. I'm working 3 days a week, but it really isn't going anywhere. I have nothing to do, except learn Flash and work on an internal project. It doesn't inspire me. Maybe it is time for even more soul searching... :p

Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh man... Note to self, don't ignore chest pains and dizziness...

I've just heard about my echocardiogram. They did find something... suspected pericarditis. D'oh!!! I have to have a stress echocardiogram to confirm it (though the earliest appointment they could give me is in 3 weeks... they only do it at one hospital, one day a week) So in the mean time I just have to take things really easy. Mind you, if that is what I have, I've lived with it for over a year now... 3 weeks isn't going to make much difference, I don't think ;)

My parents are back home now. It's nice to have them back, but I did really enjoy living on my own! Now I have to be more diligent cleaning up everything :p hehehe... Actually, the main thing I miss is setting the temperature of the house to what *I* like. My mother likes it colder... so now I have to rug up more! It was harder sleeping last night, feeling cold... Actually, I also miss having my music up loud and singing along to it :p

One more week without classes... I'm wondering now whether I ought to cut back a little on my classes, and take things a bit easier...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've been slowly uploading photos from my recent trip to my Yahoo photo album tonight. I've uploaded the pics from Argentina and Panama, and am partway through the Chicago ones. Since Yahoo now seems to offer unlimited space, I'm uploading the originals, so they are pretty big. Needless to say, it's a fairly time consuming process. Then again, resizing them first would take even longer... I've spent most of tonight on it, and I think I will have to give it away shortly and get some sleep! (It's coming up on 11pm; I started around 6:30 pm)

I had an echocardiogram today. It's rather disturbing watching an ultrasound of your heart. At least, that was my experience. It's nice to know my heart is there, and appearing to work reasonably well. ;) I have to wait now to see what the cardiologists make of it, but the lady who did the ultrasound reckoned everything looked ok to her. That's great news, but if that is the case, it means I need to get another test done (I think it was called a nuclear Thallium scan?) to try to find why my blood pressure is exceedingly low. *sigh*

I'm looking at going back to Argentina, hopefully in January, and hopefully for at least one month. I've spoken with Amber and Kirsty about it, and neither are terribly supportive of the idea. :( It will be interesting to see what my parents think when they return home this weekend. In light of how the others have reacted, I'm not expecting them to be thrilled either. It's not like I'm talking about moving there... just getting a better taste of the culture. No big deal..?? I think its exciting. It's a shame they aren't excited with / for me...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Another week has flown by already... what have I been doing with all my time? Ah... that would be chatting online. :P I'd got into a nice routine, chatting with Marcos most mornings and nights (the Australia/Argentina time difference actually works out quite good in that respect!) That's going to change somewhat this week, as he is going to be busy this week, and this weekend my parents return home. Pity... I have been really enjoying living on my own!!!

I'm another year older... I had a fairly quiet birthday last Thursday, particularly with my parents being away. I had to keep reminding myself that it was my birthday... as a kid the day seemed to feel special; now it's just another day, albeit one where you get spoiled by those who really care about you.

I did have a really nice day. It started with a phone call from Argentina, which was unreal!!! I didn't have classes during the day, so I spent a fair bit of time chatting, then went into the city for lunch with Kirsty and Jo. An hour of gossiping and joking around... great fun! Oh, I musn't forget the 2nd phone call from Argentina at lunch time either. ;) Then I popped in to see Amber briefly in the office they had been using while their own was being repaired after the tornado, then I went shopping. Supernova is closing down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but on the bright side they had 40% off everything, so I bought 6 books. ;) I couldn't find the CD I wanted, though I tried a few different shops. I renewed my drivers license for another 5 years (I'm not looking forward to seeing how the photo turns out :p), and spent an hour or so in at Flight Centre trying to book my trip to Munich for Interota. I couldn't get flights on the days I wanted to arrive & leave unless I was prepared to spend a fortune! So I will arrive and leave a day earlier than I wanted, but you get that... I had classes in the evening, so no more celebrations, until the weekend!

The news of the London bombings was quite a blow on my birthday. I arrived home to find messages from Amber and our eldest brother Ken asking if I knew if Ross was in London or not (luckily he was in Amsterdam!). A few friends were in London, but they all let us know they were nowhere near the affected areas, which was reassuring. It's hard to believe that such terrorist acts are STILL continuing... why???

I need to get on and finish my 2nd Flower Essence module sometime soon (I better phone them and check when I need to finish things by... I need to go in to the LiFE Academy to be able to do the last assignments, as I need the full set of essences.. too expensive to do at home... ) Then I need to find a body to take with me! If I can do it next week, I could perhaps borrow a parent... I have a feeling that I might need it done this week though...

I'm slowly catching up with some things at home. I might actually have the areas I use looking reasonably tidy before mum gets home. :p I need to do a stack more cleaning up outside - sweeping, raking, gardening... I did half an hour yesterday, but it makes me very dizzy. I never used to worry about it before, but I received a letter last week about the exercise stress test I did before I went away. The results were not normal, and they have recommended I get an echocardiograph and a nuclear thallium test to check out my heart. Perhaps I should have paid a little more attention to the dizziness and the palpitations? So its off to the doctor this arvo, to get a referral to a cardiologist... *sigh* Just when I thought my health was almost back to where it should be! I'm hoping that nothing much is wrong, and that if there is something out of kilter, I can fix it naturally...

Monday, July 04, 2005

And I want... and I need... and I lust... animal...

Def Leppard's "Animal" is running through my head, as I am working on implementing the new look for the Animal Biology website. :p Ok, so the song isn't at all appropriate for the site, but I like it anyway... ;)

My weekend was good... I spent the bulk of it trying to work on my Microbiology essay, which I finally finished last night - yay!! Now I just need to finish my Flower Essences assignments this week, and start reviewing my Spanish... :p I also caught up with Kirsty on Saturday afternoon, which was really nice.

Now that I have got the bulk of my assignments out of the way, I'm going to start planning to see other friends. I'm having coffee with my friend Maree after work today. I have Rotaract on Wednesday and classes on Thursday so that counts those days out for socialising. I hope to have a small get together to celebrate my birthday, possibly on Saturday afternoon. And I hope to catch up with Kate and Chris sometime soon too...

Friday, July 01, 2005

I'm feeling less confused now, less melancholic. I'm still not sure what I want from life, but I guess that's the million dollar question.

Actually, I'm feeling quite happy, all said. My health is the best it has been in about 10 years. I'm back to a size 12 (after being a size 16 about 3 months ago, and 1 of those months saw me gallavanting around the Americas eating all the wrong things), and should be able to get to a size 10 easily if I remain disciplined. Staying there once I do reach it will likewise require discipline, but I think this time I actually have the right emotional frame of mind to achieve that. :)

I have one more assignment left to complete, then I will have finished my naturopathy course for this semester. We will have about 3 weeks off, which will fly by! I am taking a slightly heavier load next semester, which is probably not a good idea, but hey, I'm a sucker for punishment...

On the bright side, I have one more class left for reflexology, then 30 hours of student clinic, and I will be a qualified reflexologist!! Yay!!! I probably won't do anything with it just yet - I won't have time!! But it will be a relief to have at least have one thing finished.

Somewhere in the next couple of weeks I need to finish my 2nd module of Flower Essences, and also the final Aura Light module. And catch up on the last 3 lessons of Spanish. Eep!! Guess where the extra days from not having naturopathy classes for the next 3 weeks are going to go... No rest for the wicked...

I've enjoyed 3 weeks of being out and about. Now I'm going to remain chained to my computer again...

Events of the past day or so have seen me come crashing back down to earth. Marcos had told me that I had "left a very good impression" on many Rotaractors I had met in Argentina... now it appears that I may have left too good an impression in some cases. *sigh* In some respects its very flattering... I've never been in that situation before! But in other respects it worries me. With a small Spanish/English language barrier, it's a little hard to know how to proceed, what might be (or has been) misinterpreted...

Today's song... John Farnham's "The Fire"

You, you light the fire
That just keeps burning on in my heart
You have the one voice
That keeps returning over and over

Magic can be hard to see
Sometimes dreams can vanish for too easily
And the reason's oh so hard to find
You will never ever be

Out of my mind
Or out of my heart
Even though we're apart
You're never away from me
Never out of my mind
Or out of my heart

Sometimes the fire burns
A little close to the heart
Somehow that one voice
Just keeps drifting further and further

Please try and understand
Some things just don't work out quite the way we planned
Though we may fall from time to time
You will never ever be

Out of my mind
Or out of my heart
Even though we're apart
You're never away from me
Never out of my mind
Or out of my heart