SimDragon's Journal

Sunday, May 08, 2005

There have been plenty of things I have wanted to write about lately, but just haven't found the time to sit down and put fingers to keyboard...

(My wrists are still quite painful when typing, which hasn't helped either)

Life has been up and down. Got an offer on the house, yay! We need to fix one of the fences though, which is leaning over due to poor construction practices next door, and may wind up being quite expensive to fix. *sigh*

Went to Melbourne for 3 1/2 days, which was nice. Went over as a proxy for the APESMA National Assembly. I hadn't been to a NA meeting for over a year, and not much else has changed. I'm in 2 minds as to whether or not to renominate. On the one hand, they need more people like me standing up and telling them they are on the wrong track. On the other hand, it's a waste of energy trying to tell them how things are from the perspective of the younger members, when they don't want to listen. Is a free trip to Melbourne once or twice a year worth the energy drain?

I did enjoy my brief time in Melbourne. The Dockers were on the same flights as me - they sat opposite me in the Qantas Club in Perth. ;) My brush with celebrities for the year? :P A couple of them did talk to me, to ask if they could take the spare chairs around me. I must admit I don't follow the footy anymore so I had no idea specifically who they were, apart from random Dockers!! :P

Caught up with some family and friends, which was nice. In particular I caught up with my friend Rod from the NZSSS, who I hadn't seen in about 10 years!!! That was really nice. I had hoped to catch up with some other friends from the NZSSS too who have since moved to Melbourne / Vic, but it wasn't meant to be...

Things are going well in my Rotaract club. :) The whole club is a really great bunch of people! We have been doing a number of social things lately - went ice skating on Friday night, which was a lot of fun. Everyone is willing to give things a go, which is brilliant. And I just love ice skating.. I've been a whole 4 times, and really ought to go more often!! It had been 3 years since I had last gone...

Feeling a bit down now though. All my classes are back, including the last 6 classes of my Diploma of Reflexology (yay). I have also enrolled in another Adv Dip, this time in Flower Essence Therapy. Doing that via correspondence for now. Really must start it sometime soon...!! So I am a little bit stressed about my studies.

Both mum and Amber laid into me a bit today, which I really didn't need. I have never asked mum to do the stuff she has been doing to help me... I'd be quite happy for her to stop - I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself!! I'm working my butt off, studying to get out of an industry I can't abide anymore, and yes, I take some time out to relax now and then, because I don't have the same robust constitution as them... So my priorities are a little different to theirs. Mum has never studied.

I'm feeling very alone now. I had intended to continue living with mum and dad until I finished my studies so I could start a new life on Rosneath Farm in the best possible financial position, but now I'm not so sure what to do. I still want to move to Rosneath Farm, but if my family keep hassling me like this, then I may need to seriously look at moving out soon and renting somewhere. I can't really afford that right now... :(