SimDragon's Journal

Monday, April 11, 2005

The lack of professional development opportunities at work is really demoralising. There is no opportunity to advance at all, either in skill level, or in responsibility. I've managed to back myself into a dead-end job yet again. :(

I will be going over to Melbourne for the APESMA National Assembly at the end of this month (so airfare & 2 nights accomodation provided by APESMA). There is a work-related conference on in Melbourne a couple of days later that I would have like to go to, and since my work wouldn't have to pay for the flights or accommodation (I could stay with my brothers), it would have been an ideal conference to go to... but no such luck. :(

I've recently read a very good book called "The Politics of Meaning". It was very good - I highly recommend it. In there, it talked about things like how a lack of meaningful work leads on to discontent in other aspects of life, and how all our relationships are falling apart as a result. I can certainly relate to that! My work is not meaningful at all!!

One powerball...

On a brighter note, while I didn't get as much done on the weekend as I had wanted, I have finally started answering my letters from penpals. It has been 16 months since I last wrote a letter to any of them :( Fortunately a number also took quite a few months to reply (that doesn't make me feel quite so bad!! :)) but far too many have waited that whole time to hear from me... I answered about 25 letters I think. I have a stack more to answer, which I hope to continue working on tonight. I don't have classes tomorrow, so I hope to finish answering them all then! Then I will start tackling my email backlog...

I am *slowly* catching up with things. If I had 2 weeks off from work as well as my studies I could probably make a good go of getting a lot of things done at home that I have been wanting to do for months. But that's not going to happen... I'm saving up my leave for my trip to the Americas in June, and a possible trip to Munich for Interota in September!