SimDragon's Journal

Friday, April 08, 2005

Had an awesome time in Sydney attending the Promoting Professional Women conference!! It has rekindled my desire to be involved with APESMA - I have now rejoined the WA branch committee, and will nominate for National Assembly again.

The conference included a huge group mentoring component, which will run for the next 3 months. One of the sessions of the conference involved putting mentoring into practice, and we had to buddy up with someone, and work through planning a work-related goal we have that we hadn't full planned out. I paired up with a lady from the Queensland Teacher's Union, and told her about a pet project idea I have about a you-beaut natural medicine website. As it turned out, the lady on the other side of me was the CEO of the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and she was very interested in my idea! So there is real potential there for funding, which I hadn't even dreamed of!!! OMG!!! I spent a good part of the rest of that day furiously writing down new ideas, questions to explore, and what I would have to do to make this a reality. Instead of it being something I might start in 2 years time, I hope to start working towards it in the latter half of this year...! :)

Back at work now. Very dull work. Erk. I'm building a "custom form" in MySource, which is very fiddly and doesn't come out looking particularly professional. I seem to have a very flaky connection... if I try to edit more than one field at once before commiting the change, I get a "This page can't be displayed" error. ARGH! After 12 noon it is impossible to work with - I get that error pretty much anytime I do anything. It is sooooooo time consuming to do it this way, one thing at a time, having to redo most things anyway.... *sigh*

On the bright side, it's nearly the weekend, yay! No classes tomorrow either, double yay! :)