SimDragon's Journal

Monday, March 07, 2005


Bored, bored, bored. And very tired.

If there is anything worse than having to work on a public holiday, it is when said work involves spending the whole day cutting and pasting boring text into a boring website. *sigh*

I would really like to spend my days doing something that actually makes a difference! The crazy thing is, most community organisations seem to use volunteers rather than paid staff. So unless I win lotto in a big way, I look to be stuck with doing meaningless work for a while longer..

It seems crazy though.. the things that make the most difference to life - real difference, like ensuring the planet is still habitable 10 years from now - seem to have the least value in terms of what people are paid for doing it. Ie, nothing, or worse yet, using community service as a punishment for criminals. That really makes me mad. And the most meaningless jobs - actors, sportsmen etc - get paid the most. Why??? To give us something to watch instead of things we don't want to see but should, like the inane wars to control oil, starving people, our ecosystem being utterly destroyed?

No more imagination
There's a role to be played
Go to work and be milked
Like cattle everyday
Human stables hold the herd
Office stalls filled with stock
The system keeps you docile
By promising the weekend off

They seem to like it
The cattle waiting at the gate
Mutated and bred for their meat and their milk
Someone else has sealed their fate

Masses like asses
Our heads in the trough
We eat what we're given
Masses like asses
Waiting at the gate to be led to the slaughter
"Masses Like Asses" - Def FX