SimDragon's Journal

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tonight is the last night Scott and I will be living under the same roof. He is moving out tomorrow, and I will be moving in with my parents on Saturday.

I had intended for us to spend this last night finishing sorting out our belongings, but Scott has gone out to a BBQ... it's 10 pm and he still isn't home. Oh well. I had anticipated that he might like to sort through my spare photos and select some he would like to keep, and sort through some other things... but it's a bit late now. I guess if he still wants them he can get them from me at a later date, but he will have to wait until I get my things out of storage, as I will be boxing up as much as possible over the next 2 days.

I spent the majority of today boxing up my belongings while my parents started spring cleaning my house. I took my TV and multifunction center over to my sister's house this evening for her to use while I live with my parents. My study, which is usually overcrowded, is looking quite bare now! It's hard to see how much progress I have made in other rooms because I have mostly been emptying out cupboards, but the number of boxes being stacked up in the front of the house is testimony to the fact that I have been getting somewhere.

Scott went back to work this week, which made things a little harder. I go back to work next week, which I am really, really not looking forward to. I will barely have moved into my parents' house. And I certainly haven't done anything that I intended to do over the Christmas break. So many websites and training materials for Rotaract that I wanted to work on, and letters I wanted to answer... I didn't get to look at any of them. I did answer some of my emails, but my inboxes aren't cleared by any stretch of the imagination...

There is still a lot of work to be done in regard to the separation / move... Letting everyone know I have moved is going to take time. Getting the house fixed up and ready to put on the market is also going to take a bit of work.

The fluffball has been a bit out of sorts lately; I think she is aware that changes are afoot. Poor little pussy cat. She loves this house and this neighbourhood. She has a lovely long corridor to run down, which she won't have at my parents' house. And she won't be allowed to get away with half the things she does here! *sigh*

It's going to be quite weird staying here by myself for 2 days. I've lived on my own before, and have stayed alone when Scott has gone interstate on business, but it is different knowing this is a permanent change. I'm glad I have Juliet for company, but even so, Friday is going to be particularly hard.