SimDragon's Journal

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sleep continued to elude me for quite some time, but I did get to sleep eventually... and boy did I feel like utter crap when my alarm went off at 7:30 am!! I stayed in bed until 8:30 am. Yes it is a Saturday, but my parents came over at 9 am, as they did yesterday, to help clean and fix up the house.

I spent the whole day - again - boxing everything up. I am very over packing things into boxes! I didn't quite finish though... I have a few things still to go in the kitchen. Mum was busy cleaning the kitchen though, so it was hard to do anything else in there. I ended up spending a fair bit of the afternoon watching dad play Spider on my computer. :P

I have brought back a lot of stuff to my parents' house - most I intend to try to sell on ebay in the near future. Dad's car was chockers today, and I am currently borrowing their little Festiva when they don't need it (man, I feel like I'm 17 again!!). So there didn't end up being any room for my PC. :( I figured I would be so busy trying to unpack things tonight that I wouldn't miss it anyway (rather, I should be unpacking things rather than spending large amounts of time on my PC...).

I've unpacked about 2/3 of my stuff now - finding it very hard to find places to put it all, which is very frustrating! I had put a few items on the counter in the bathroom (some makeup etc) and my mother went ballistic (in a very nice way..!?!).. She doesn't want me to put anything on the counter (though then number of ornaments she has there - in a bathroom?!? is freaky)...!! Yep, knew there was a reason why I moved out as soon as I could vaguely afford to, when I was 19... I can't wait to be in my own place again!!!

I kept Juliet indoors today while we packed, as she has a tendency to stay out very late. She watched us for the most part, but spent the afternoon sleeping under an airconditioner vent upstairs. I felt sorry for her when I removed her from her comfy spot to put her in her cat carrier. She hates travelling, and was very vocal for the entire trip from my house to my parents' house. She's still very unsure about her new home (I don't blame her!)... she has either been slinking around checking out what she can, or staying as close to me as possible. Poor little thing.

I'm giving unpacking away for the night, and intend to try to relax for a while...